Two weeks later…

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We’ve been in Thailand almost two and a half weeks now, and I’m beginning to get into the swing of things! Initially, whilst on social media it may have seemed like I was living the dream, I felt incredibly overwhelmed with the lifestyle change, and that, combined with other personal factors, meant that I got into a slump pretty quickly. Despite this, I’ve had some amazing experiences, eaten some fantastic food, and I am finally feeling excited and motivated to write about it!

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The adventure begins!

Hey everyone! It has been a long old time since I posted anything here. What can I say, life just got in the way. However, as myself and my partner, Kasper, have begun travelling for an indefinite period of time, I decided to dedicate this blog to our travel adventures. Of course, it will still be heavily focused on the food, as this is me, after all! We will be travelling around South East Asia, starting in Thailand, and then deciding as we go, where our next destination will be. So, let me tell you about our last 5 days, and how we ended up where we are now.

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